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Tressa Beheim Doubles Her Revenue and Then Doubles It Again

Tressa Beheim is an online business manager and founder of Tressa Beheim Operations. Tressa’s business provides strategic support for female entrepreneurs who are delivering a combination of services, courses, digital products, writing books, and speaking. She and her team help their clients with all of the behind-the-scenes work so that they can shine, doing what…

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Episode 192: The Recap: October 2019

Recap October 2019

It’s time for another recap, so let’s dive into what happened behind-the-scenes in my business in October 2019. This may go down in history as the shortest recap ever as so much of this month was about me taking time off, and when I wasn’t away, preparing to be away. In any event, let’s get…

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Rai Cornell Transitions from Solopreneur to Agency Owner

Rai Cornell is the president and senior copywriter at Cornell Copywriting, which offers a host of content marketing services, including comprehensive content strategy, ghostwriting, and more.  When I met Rai in the winter of 2018, her business was still in its infancy, and she was looking for ways to grow her revenue as she was…

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It’s Time for a New Breed of Agency

Back when we started off this decade, I was five years into my business and things were going pretty freakin’ awesome. At that point, I was simply joyful that I’d not had to return to a 9-to-5 or invoke my plan B of begging for my old job back. If you’d told 2010 Maggie that…

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Episode 188: The Recap: September 2019

Recap September 2019

Here we go! It’s time for the recap and the rundown on what went down in my business in September 2019. If September had a theme, it would be ‘It’s go time!’ Most of the month was on the intense side, and the work I did in August to get my head back in the…

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Is the Agency Model the Next Passive Income Dream?

You know that stage that most kids go through when they’re two or three and keep asking why? Growing up, my dad used to joke with me about how I never left that stage and that I always had so many questions. Call it curious or hungry for knowledge, but that’s who I am, so…

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