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Episode 146: My 5 Favorite Productivity Strategies

Productivity strategies

In January, it’s all the rage to focus on building new habits — including those that help us better manage our time and be more productive. In this episode, I’m delving into my five favorite productivity strategies, a few of which may surprise you. We’ve all heard it. The drumbeat where we’re supposed to be…

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Episode 144: Adding Retainer Revenue with Sandra Tournemille

Adding retainer revenue

Retainers are one of those things that can be elusive to business owners, so in this episode, my guest Sandra Tournemille is going to share her experiences with adding retainer revenue and so much more. Let’s do this. Sandra’s Bio: Sandra Tournemille is a digital artist with a Bachelors of Media Art (Animation) from the…

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Episode 141: Leveling Up as a Creative with Zsofi Koller

Leveling up as a creative

If you’re a creative, you know the dance between loving what you do and the running of the business. In this episode, I chat with Zsofi Koller of Lilt Creative to take a peek-behind-the-curtain of her business and about leveling up as a creative. As a creative at heart, I identify strongly with the challenges…

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