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What I Learned About Finding Clients in 2019

Finding clients

As business owners, most of us are really good at setting big goals for our business. Especially revenue goals, but many times we don’t think about what it’s going to take to actually reach that goal. Or what will be involved with finding clients to meet that revenue goal.  I speak from experience as someone…

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Episode 196: Building Real Relationships with Lisa Princic

Building business relationships

When you run a service business, your relationships are everything. Who you know, what they think about you, and your reputation can make or break your business. In this episode, we talk to Lisa Princic about building real relationships, the care and feeding of those relationships, and more. The real currency of your business isn’t…

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Episode 195: November Recap and a Look Ahead at 2020

Recap November 2019

Another month has flown by, and it’s time for another recap. In this episode, I’m sharing my updates and lessons from November and giving you a sneak peek at 2020 and what’s to come. I arrived back from my vacation on November 4th and was greeted with some unexpected complications. As I typically do, I…

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Where Sales and Marketing Advice Can Go Seriously Wrong

Boss, we need to have a talk. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for months — okay, more like years — and I’ve had a hard time pinpointing what in the everlovin’ was going on.  I finally have it figured out.  So here we go. Most of the tactics being taught in the online business…

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Tressa Beheim Doubles Her Revenue and Then Doubles It Again

Tressa Beheim is an online business manager and founder of Tressa Beheim Operations. Tressa’s business provides strategic support for female entrepreneurs who are delivering a combination of services, courses, digital products, writing books, and speaking. She and her team help their clients with all of the behind-the-scenes work so that they can shine, doing what…

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Episode 192: The Recap: October 2019

Recap October 2019

It’s time for another recap, so let’s dive into what happened behind-the-scenes in my business in October 2019. This may go down in history as the shortest recap ever as so much of this month was about me taking time off, and when I wasn’t away, preparing to be away. In any event, let’s get…

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