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Episode 188: The Recap: September 2019

Recap September 2019

Here we go! It’s time for the recap and the rundown on what went down in my business in September 2019. If September had a theme, it would be ‘It’s go time!’ Most of the month was on the intense side, and the work I did in August to get my head back in the…

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Is the Agency Model the Next Passive Income Dream?

You know that stage that most kids go through when they’re two or three and keep asking why? Growing up, my dad used to joke with me about how I never left that stage and that I always had so many questions. Call it curious or hungry for knowledge, but that’s who I am, so…

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My Fear of Feedback

Years ago, I had a client who delivered “feedback” in the most unkind, unhelpful way you could ever imagine. She was rude, and at times, downright nasty in her delivery. And worst of all, she didn’t know what it was she wanted, so you’d do what she asked and then she’d say it was all…

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You Are Not Exceptional

you are not exceptional

I’ve got news for you boss. And you may not want to hear it. But here it goes. You are not exceptional. Did that hurt a bit? Did it make you think, “oh eff you, you don’t know me.”?  I get it. The truth can hurt. But before you dismiss me as a negative nelly…

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Episode 185: Stop Sucking at Sales as a Freelancer

Sales as a freelancer

If there’s one thing that makes all the difference in your business as a freelancer, it’s having sales skills. Yet most of us don’t have sales experience when we start a business, or worst yet, we have all kinds of stories about how we suck at sales. In this episode, we’re getting specific about how…

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Online Business Owners: Can We Stop Pretending Already?

Over the last few months, my love/hate relationship social media has intensified to the point where I find myself actively avoiding social media. When I try to psych myself up to open up Instagram or Facebook, I feel dread creeping in. Trust me when I tell you, this isn’t a good thing as social media…

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Episode 184: The Recap: August 2019

Recap August 2019

It’s time for the recap! In this episode, we’re going behind-the-scenes, and I’m sharing what happened in August — the good, the uncomfortable, and the unexpected. I’m a few days into September when I’m recording this, and honestly, I don’t know how to feel about August. It was bittersweet with summer coming to a close,…

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