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client proposals

Episode 203: Real-Life Insights From a Year of Client Proposals

Back in 2016, when I started my marketing agency, one of the very first things I did was look at the entire sales process from…

Episode 202: Behind-the-Scenes with Social Media Strategist Andrea Jones

Many times we have ideas that can hold us back or result in bumps along the way. In this episode of the Small Business Boss…

Running on referrals

Episode 201: Running on Referrals: Making the Most of Your #1 Revenue Source

I recently asked members of the Small Business Boss Squad what the #1 lead source was for their business, and overwhelming the answer was referrals.…

Online marketers

Episode 200: What Online Marketers Don’t Want You To Know

This is a very special episode of the Small Business Boss podcast because it’s episode 200 of the show.  I had no idea when I…

Growing a service business in 2020

Episode 199: Myths of Growing Your Services Business – The 2020 Edition

You can’t grow without a team. Your income will plateau. You’ve heard all the myths of a service business before, and in this new episode,…

Finding clients

What I Learned About Finding Clients in 2019

As business owners, most of us are really good at setting big goals for our business. Especially revenue goals, but many times we don’t think…

Business New Year’s resolutions

Episode 197: Three New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Bosses

Happy New Year, bosses! 2020 is here, and in this episode, I’m sharing three resolutions based on things I wish I’d only known sooner in…

Building business relationships

Episode 196: Building Real Relationships with Lisa Princic

When you run a service business, your relationships are everything. Who you know, what they think about you, and your reputation can make or break…

Recap November 2019

Episode 195: November Recap and a Look Ahead at 2020

Another month has flown by, and it’s time for another recap. In this episode, I’m sharing my updates and lessons from November and giving you…