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Digital-first business

Episode 223: Building a Digital-First Business with Avery Swartz

No matter how digitized your business is (or isn’t), 2020 has made one thing clear: the future of our businesses relies on our ability to…

Stand out from the competition

Episode 222: 8 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition in 2020

FACT: It’s been a weird year, meaning we’ve been left questioning everything. Which means it’s easy to look at our competition and start to feel…

time for a pivot

Episode 221: 5 Signs It May Be Time for a Pivot

In this episode, we’re talking about the dreaded P word….the pivot. Since COVID-19 rearranged our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine, the concept of the…

pay your team

Pay Your Team & Pay Them Well: Breaking Down the Living Wage and Why It’s the Bare Minimum

I often get asked how much people should be paying their team. And while that answer varies by the role, my answer is always that…

bs-free service business

Episode 220: Welcome to the BS-Free Service Business Show

You may (or may not) have noticed that starting today, the Small Business Boss podcast has a new name. We’re now the BS-Free Service Business…

frequently asked questions

Episode 219: The 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions I Get: ANSWERED

As a mentor, I answer a lot of the same questions from my clients and community. And spoiler alert, most of them are about money.…

Time at work

Episode 218: A Month in the Life: How I Really Spend My Time

A quick note about this episode: I originally recorded this podcast back in February as the deep dive episode for March. But then, Corona was…

behind the scenes

Episode 217: Behind-the-Scenes with Maggie: A Mid-Year Check-In

It’s been a while since I’ve done a behind-the-scenes, so in this episode of the Small Business Boss podcast, we’re taking a look at the…

external bs

Episode 216: Escaping the External BS

Want to build a BS-free service business? Then you’re definitely going to want to listen to this episode where I deconstruct some of the external…