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Valuing Your Expertise

Episode 121: Sandy Sidhu on Managing Clients and Valuing Your Expertise

If you’ve ever felt undervalued and like managing clients was a big old challenge, then today’s podcast episode is for you. In this episode, we’re…

Create a profitable package

How to Create a Profitable Package for Your Service Business

When you offer services, there’s a lot of different ways to package your brilliance and sell it. While the idea of packages are nothing new,…

Creating your signature service

Episode 120: Power Move: Creating Your Signature Service

Want to make more money and uplevel your business? You need a signature service! In this episode, I’m sharing what this is, where to start…

Adding services for stability

Episode 119: Adding Services for Stability with Hailey Dale

Maybe you’ve been thinking about adding a product or program to the mix with your services…but what if services are really what you need for…

Creating your ideal week

Creating Your Ideal Week When You Work With Clients

The reality of working with clients means, for many of us, that the work we need to do to maintain or grow our business is…

June 2018 recap

Episode 118: The Recap: June 2018

After a rather trying May, the month of June was a breath of fresh air. Seriously! June ended up being an amazing month, and I’ve…

Meet your business goals

3 Monthly Practices to Meet Your Business Goals

When it comes to setting business goals, the process of scheming and dreaming is the fun part of the process. Being able to meet your…

Giving Up Control

Episode 117: Managing Growth and Giving Up Control with Danielle Liss

What happens when you’re ready to grow, but you’re kind of Type A and giving up control feels like too much work? Or you’re growing…

12 week year plan

Goal Setting for Bosses: Creating a 12 Week Year Plan

As a boss, you have no shortage of ambition. After all,  you’re doing this for a reason, and all of your dreams and goals need…

Get paid on time

Episode 116: How to Get Paid On Time, Every Time

You sent the invoice. And…it’s crickets. It’s been days, and there’s no payment in sight. In fact, you think the client may be avoiding you.…