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Business planning

Episode 209: Doing Business As Unusual: Business Planning Amid Uncertainty

Things are pretty far from business as usual right now, so do we even bother with planning right now? The answer is yes. We definitely…

Agency owner

Episode 208: Behind-the-Scenes with Agency Owner Rita Barry

In a world full of other agencies doing the same thing as you, it’d be so easy to simply blend in, and end up struggling.…

Time at work

Episode 207: A Month in the Life: How I Really Spend My Time

My best learning opportunities have always come from seeing how other people do things. You know, the real nitty gritty of what they’re doing, and…

Nechelle Bartley

Episode 206: Stop Worrying About the $5 Latte with Nechelle Bartley

Most of us have financial goals that involve making more money. But what if in the pursuit of making more money, we’re focused on the…

Simple client experience

Episode 205: Creating a Deliberately Simple Client Experience

When you make your money by serving clients, the experience you create can make or break your business. But I’ve noticed that many times bosses…


Episode 204: All Things Enneagram with Chrissie Wywrot

If there’s one thing entrepreneurs love, it’s personality tests. And it’s no surprise as we’re relentless in our personal development work, and these tests help…

client proposals

Episode 203: Real-Life Insights From a Year of Client Proposals

Back in 2016, when I started my marketing agency, one of the very first things I did was look at the entire sales process from…

Episode 202: Behind-the-Scenes with Social Media Strategist Andrea Jones

Many times we have ideas that can hold us back or result in bumps along the way. In this episode of the Small Business Boss…

Running on referrals

Episode 201: Running on Referrals: Making the Most of Your #1 Revenue Source

I recently asked members of the Small Business Boss Squad what the #1 lead source was for their business, and overwhelming the answer was referrals.…