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Review of full focus planner

Review of Full Focus Planner

By Brittany Becher | Feb 21, 2018

Our love of planners here at Small Business Boss HQ is probably the worst kept secret ever. In our never-ending quest to find the absolute…

Time Saving Tools for Small Business Owners

Episode 97: Time Saving Tools for Small Business Owners (Stuff We Can’t Live Without Right Now)

By Maggie Patterson | Feb 20, 2018

Are you on the quest to find the PERFECT tool to do all the things in your business or wondering how you can save time?…

Get paid more as a freelancer

Get Paid More as a Freelancer

By Maggie Patterson | Feb 14, 2018

As someone who’s gone from being a flatlining freelancer to running a thriving marketing agency, I know all the things we do as services business…

Bad advice for service business owners

Episode 96: Bad Advice for Service Business Owners (Lies People Tell You on the Internet)

By Brittany Becher | Feb 12, 2018

You know, we love the Internet. It’s amazing. We even met on the Internet. But here’s what we don’t love…the downright BAD advice we see…

Make money with your side hustle

Make Money With Your Side Hustle

By Maggie Patterson | Feb 7, 2018

You’ve been thinking about ways you can start to make money with your side hustle but aren’t 100% sure how to get yourself up and…

Side hustle offering services

Episode 95: The Power of a Side Hustle Offering Services

By Maggie Patterson | Feb 5, 2018

The idea of a side hustle is nothing new, but so many times it gets a bad rap. We love side hustles, especially services side…

ConvertKit plugin for WordPress

Using the ConvertKit Plugin for WordPress

By Brittany Becher | Feb 2, 2018

You’ve signed up for ConvertKit…woohoo! And you can’t wait to start capturing subscribers…. but where to start? First things first — you need to get…

How to price your services

How to Price Your Services as a Service Based Boss

By Maggie Patterson | Jan 31, 2018

As a service provider, pricing can be such a head trip. For many of us, we take it way too personally. Figuring out how to…

Make your services business profitable

Episode 94: How to Make Your Services Business Profitable This Year

By Maggie Patterson | Jan 29, 2018

We’ve all heard the saying: “You’ve got to spend money to make money.” But that’s actually not 100% true, and in this episode, we’re diving…

Find new clients

Find New Clients: Three Daily Habits

By Brittany Becher | Jan 25, 2018

We all know that we need to find new clients to grow and sustain our businesses, but how do you do that when you get…

Get your first clients

18 Ideas on How to Get Your First Clients

By Brittany Becher | Jan 24, 2018

If you’re new to the world of running your own business and you work with clients, there’s one question that’s always going to come up:…

Best personality tests for small business

Episode 93: The Best Personality Tests for Small Business Bosses

By Maggie Patterson | Jan 22, 2018

Hey, what’s your sign? Personality test results sign, that is. In this episode, we’re delving into the best personality tests for small business bosses and…