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Leveling up as a creative

Episode 141: Leveling Up as a Creative with Zsofi Koller

If you’re a creative, you know the dance between loving what you do and the running of the business. In this episode, I chat with…

Business as a side hustler

Episode 140: Building a Business as a Side Hustler with Kelly McClellan

It’s no secret how much I love those bosses who are side hustling to build their business while working a full-time job. And, in this…

Stepping into the Role of CEO

Episode 139: Confidence and Stepping into the Role of CEO with Angelica Suarez

2018 has been quite the year for today’s guest, Angelica Suarez, and I can’t wait to dive into this interview where we talk about growth,…

Building a Team in Your Services Business

Episode 138: Doubling It and Building a Team in Your Services Business with Tressa Beheim

Today’s guest is Tressa Beheim, and I’m so excited to share today’s interview with you, as she’s a long-term member of the Double It Mastermind.…

Solopreneur to CEO

Episode 137: From Solopreneur to CEO with Shulamit Ber Levtov

Have you ever looked around online and thought your business was different? That’s exactly what today’s guest Shulamit Ber Levtov faced in the online world…

Transitioning your service business

Episode 136: Transitioning Your Service Business to Avoid Boredom with Sandra Halling

Today, my guest is Sandra Halling, who I guarantee you’re going to learn so much from! In this interview, Sandra talks frankly about getting bored…

Growing a service business

Episode 135: Growing a Service Business While Working 20 Hours a Week with Crystal Butler

Have you ever wished you didn’t offer services because you want a “lifestyle” business? Well, it is possible with services, and in this episode, my…

October 2018 recap

Episode 134: October 2018 Recap

It’s that time again where we take a look back at the month before, and for October 2018, I’m giving you the scoop on all…

Support your marketing and sales with testimonials

Episode 133: Power Move: Support Your Marketing and Sales With Testimonials

As bosses, we do a lot of things on a daily basis to help attract customers and then turn them into clients. But there’s one…