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Episode 225: Finding Clients: Everything You Ever Need to Know About Referrals

Fall is coming up quickly, and if your business is anything like mine, it’s GO time for new business opportunities. To help you go after…

Scale your service business

Episode 224: YES, You Can Scale Your Service Business

If you’re listening to this podcast you’re either tired of the hype in the business world about growing your business, or you’re looking for ways…

Digital-first business

Episode 223: Building a Digital-First Business with Avery Swartz

No matter how digitized your business is (or isn’t), 2020 has made one thing clear: the future of our businesses relies on our ability to…

Stand out from the competition

Episode 222: 8 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition in 2020

FACT: It’s been a weird year, meaning we’ve been left questioning everything. Which means it’s easy to look at our competition and start to feel…

time for a pivot

Episode 221: 5 Signs It May Be Time for a Pivot

In this episode, we’re talking about the dreaded P word….the pivot. Since COVID-19 rearranged our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine, the concept of the…

pay your team

Pay Your Team & Pay Them Well: Breaking Down the Living Wage and Why It’s the Bare Minimum

I often get asked how much people should be paying their team. And while that answer varies by the role, my answer is always that…

bs-free service business

Episode 220: Welcome to the BS-Free Service Business Show

You may (or may not) have noticed that starting today, the Small Business Boss podcast has a new name. We’re now the BS-Free Service Business…

frequently asked questions

Episode 219: The 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions I Get: ANSWERED

As a mentor, I answer a lot of the same questions from my clients and community. And spoiler alert, most of them are about money.…

Time at work

Episode 218: A Month in the Life: How I Really Spend My Time

A quick note about this episode: I originally recorded this podcast back in February as the deep dive episode for March. But then, Corona was…