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Freelancing guide

Freelancing Guide: Five Proven Steps to 5K Months

As a freelancer, creative, or consultant, knowing exactly what to do to make consistent income can be a serious challenge. No one wants to deal…

Earn money freelancing

Earn Money Freelancing: The Money Magnet Strategy

You’re a freelancer, or just getting started freelancing, and you need money yesterday. Here at Small Business Boss, we can totally relate. When we started…

February 2018 recap

Episode 103: The Recap: February 2018

We pulled back the curtains, and we’re still alive, so we’re going there again — behind-the-scenes of our day-to-day and into what exactly we’re doing…

Time management strategies for freelancers

Time Management Strategies for Freelancers (Get it Done and Grow Your Business)

Nearly every freelancer wants to grow their business and get paid more. While it may not seem like the obvious answer, the easiest way to…

Grow your business this year

Episode 102: The Most Impactful Things You Can Do to Grow Your Business This Year

Most business owners want to grow their businesses, and we’re willing to bet you’re no exception. But how? What do you do? Do you need…

Small Business Marketing Plan

Small Business Marketing Plan (Step-by-Step Guide to Getting More Clients)

Do you wish you had more clients? Or clients that would pay you more? You need a plan — a marketing plan! Knowing how to…

Creating consistent income

Episode 101: Creating Consistent Income in Your Services Business

Once you’ve got clients, one of the harder things to figure out as a services business owner can be how to have consistent income month…

How to get great client testimonials

Testimonial Template: How to Get GREAT Client Testimonials

You know you need testimonials for your work, but do you actually know how to get great client testimonials? If you’re just starting out, don’t…

Lessons from 100 episodes

Episode 100: Lessons from 100 Episodes of the Small Business Boss Podcast

It’s a big day here at Small Business Boss! We’re celebrating 100 episodes of the Small Business Boss podcast. 100 — that’s a lot of…