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pricing principles

Trust First Pricing Principles

Pricing your services can be a tricky balance of not overvaluing or undervaluing what you do. Here are some pricing principles to help you get started including a few that may surprise you.

time freedom

Creating Time Freedom and Breaking Free from the Hustle with Becca Rich

When it comes to entrepreneurship one of the most common images we see have to do with hustling harder and harder to make things happen.…

income claim marketing

The Big Problem with Income Claim Marketing

Anyone can say their business makes 7 or eight figures, but how do you know for sure? Here’s what you need to know about income claim marketing including why it’s all about making the sale, and why we need to rethink our goals.

Frequently asked questions

Your Burning Questions Answered

When it comes to running a service business there are so many different elements of what we do. And that means that while I publish…

sustainable visibility

Sustainable Visibility™ & Pitching Podcasts with Mai-Kee Tsang

Trigger Warning: Before we dive into this episode, I wanted to give you a heads up that this episode includes discussion of sexual abuse and…

paying your team

Paying Your Team: What You Need to Know

This is an updated version of a post originally published on July 23, 2020.  I often get asked how much people should be paying their…

2021 celebrity entrepreneur

How to Spot a Celebrity Entrepreneur (2021 Edition)

We’ve all been sucked in by great marketing and bought something we didn’t need. Here’s what you need to know about the 2021 celebrity entrepreneur – what to watch for an how to spot one in the wild.

capacity planning

The Basics of Capacity Planning

We’ve all been there. Things are going great, but then we realize that we’ve bitten off more work than we can chew. We’re slammed. Overwhelmed…

inclusive copywriting

Inclusive Copywriting with Nailah Z. King

Things are changing. But has your marketing?  And what about your copy? As a writer, I’m always learning and evolving, especially when it comes to…