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Run a services business

Episode 92: Why Right Now is the Best Time to Run a Services Business

Stop trading time for dollars! Make money while you sleep! You’ve heard allllllll the reasons why you should ditch services and go after a course…

How to get your first three clients

How To Get Your First Three Clients As a Freelancer

So you started a business…yay! Now you need clients and you’re thinking where are these clients going to come from? Doing the work to get…

Deal with clients from hell

How To Deal With Clients From Hell

Clients from hell happen to everyone, it’s inevitable. But the real question is how to deal with clients from hell in a way that’s professional…

get more clients

Episode 91: Four Proactive Ways to Get More Clients

We’re willing to bet you’ve got some big goals in mind for the next few months or even the year, and those goals likely involve…

Convertkit free trial

ConvertKit Free Trial: How to Get Started

If there’s anything in your business that involves digital marketing, you may have heard of ConvertKit. And if you’ve heard of it, you’re probably at…

Strategies to Book More Clients

Six Strategies to Book More Clients

When you work with clients, if you’re going to grow your business, you need to have specific, surefire strategies to book more clients. So as…

What’s up for 2018

Episode 90: 2018 Here We Come

Hello, 2018! It’s a new year and we couldn’t be more excited! In this episode, we’re giving you a bit of a behind the curtain…

biggest lessons

Episode 89: Our Recap of 2017 and Our Biggest Lessons

2017 is nearly a wrap and we’re big fans of reflection, so in this episode, we’re taking you behind the scenes in our business to…


How to Plan Your Day When You Work with Clients

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a productivity powerhouse, as I love being able to make the most of the hours I work. I mean,…