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myths about service businesses

Myths About Service Businesses (The 2022 Edition)

With any business, you don’t always know what you don’t know. So when certain things about service businesses get repeated over and over again by…

how to get referrals

How to Get Client Referrals (Everything You Need to Know 2022 Edition)

Referrals are typically how most service business owners get their clients. But what happens when you want more referrals so you can continue to grow?…

business proposal ideas

Business Proposal Ideas to Win More Clients

As someone who’s been selling creative, done-for-you services for more than 15 years, I could talk business proposal ideas all day.  Why? It’s simple. People…

charging for services

How Much Should I Charge For My Services?

If I had to pick one question that comes up most often when working with clients in our masterminds, it’s probably, “how much should I…

why your messaging matters

Why Your Message Really Matters Now More Than Ever with Michelle Mazur

Freedom. Your best life. Burnout. What do all these things have in common? They’re all messages we hear over and over again in online business.…

taking a break

Taking a Break When Things Get Weird

Here we are a month into the new year, and well, it’s kind of weird. Okay, for some of us it’s a lot weird. In…

respect with clients

Client Experience: How to Consistently Foster Respect

When it comes to working with clients, there are a lot of places where things can get bumpy. For me, respect has definitely been one…

building a trusted business

Building a Trusted Business: 7 Specific Ideas to Implement in 2022

Trust is a key component of your ability to market, sell and serve your clients on an ongoing basis. But building trust is harder than…

trust in business

Building and Breaking Trust: Three Common Tactics to Watch For

In marketing, we talk about the know, like, trust factor, but there’s an ongoing lack of understanding of what it really means to trust a…