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Money Basics for Your Service Business

Episode 150: Nechelle Bartley on Money Basics for Your Service Business

A big part of running a business is about making and managing our money, yet there’s so much tied up in what we think and…

How to set boundaries with your clients

Episode 149: Power Move: How to Set Boundaries with Clients and Stick to Them

If there’s one thing that’s tough for most service business owners, it’s setting boundaries with our clients and sticking to them. In this episode, I’m…

Service-based business

Episode 148: The 2018 Recap: Lessons for Your Service-Based Business

Hello, 2019! While I’m not a big fan of new year’s resolutions, let me tell you, I’m so READY for a new year to be…

Psychology of pricing

Episode 147: The Psychology of Pricing with Melina Palmer

If there’s one thing that service business owners struggle with, it’s pricing our services. We have so much wrapped up in pricing and the story…

Productivity strategies

Episode 146: My 5 Favorite Productivity Strategies

In January, it’s all the rage to focus on building new habits — including those that help us better manage our time and be more…

Getting ready for 2019

Episode 145: Getting Ready for 2019 as a Service Business Owner

Happy 2019! And let me guess — you’re ready for everything to magically transform once the ball drops! Yeah, I hear you. So in this…

Adding retainer revenue

Episode 144: Adding Retainer Revenue with Sandra Tournemille

Retainers are one of those things that can be elusive to business owners, so in this episode, my guest Sandra Tournemille is going to share…

Dubsado for service businesses

Episode 143: All Things Dubsado for Service Businesses with Kathleen Rass

If you’ve been online for a hot second, you’ve probably heard of Dubsado, which is why I can’t wait to introduce today’s guest Kathleen Rass.…

Advocating for change

Episode 142: Being of Service and Advocating for Change with Jennifer Van Gennip

When you run a service business, service is at the heart of what you do, but what if your mission was even bigger for your…

Leveling up as a creative

Episode 141: Leveling Up as a Creative with Zsofi Koller

If you’re a creative, you know the dance between loving what you do and the running of the business. In this episode, I chat with…