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Mistakes service business owners make

10 Common Mistakes Service Business Owners Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Every single day I see business owners that are struggling to make their business work. They’re stuck. They’re stressed. They are capital F frustrated with…

Organizing Your Business

Episode 125: Organizing Your Business with Alaia Williams

Do you feel like the behind-the-scenes in your business is a hot mess? Or like there’s systems you need but just don’t have? Then you’re…

How to sell more of your services

How to Sell MORE of Your Services

If you want to grow your service business and make more money, there are two ways to make that happen. You can either charge more…

Consults that convert

Episode 124: Power Move: Consults that Convert

The second you get on the phone with a potential client, you should be on your way to closing the sale. But if your consults…

Mentoring success story

How Content Writer Rai Tripled Her Monthly Income from $3k to $10k Months

Welcome to new series on the blog where I’ll be sharing success stories from my mastermind and mentoring clients. We’re going to kick things off…

Building your support squad

Episode 123: Mandi Holmes on Building Your Support Squad

Hiring is one of the most challenging things for most service business owners, and it’s a question I get constantly. That’s why I’m thrilled to…

Help you make more money

How a Signature Service Will Help You Make More Money

Have you ever looked at someone else who does what you do and wondered how they’re booked out for months to come? Or how other…

July 2018 recap

Episode 122: The Recap: July 2018

It’s time for another monthly recap, and for the July recap, we’re talking new business, making decisions for Small Business Boss, and more. I’m taking…

Create Packages for Your Services

7 Questions to Answer Before You Create Packages for Your Services

Whenever I go out to eat, I’m pretty excited about all of the possibilities for what I could eat. But if it’s somewhere we’ve been…

Valuing Your Expertise

Episode 121: Sandy Sidhu on Managing Clients and Valuing Your Expertise

If you’ve ever felt undervalued and like managing clients was a big old challenge, then today’s podcast episode is for you. In this episode, we’re…