Are you a service business owner who's tired of all the BS of the online business world?



I'm talking about BS like:

That you can't scale a service business without a course or group program. And that passive income is THE answer.

The idea that says you can't grow your business without building your team or running an agency.

The cheap shots constantly taken at service business owners and acting like choosing a service business is some type of deficiency.

When you’re running a business based around clients, it’s easy to feel like you’re doing it wrong and that you should be creating passive income or developing a course so you’re able to scale.


That, my friends, is a load of BS. Instead, we’re going to work together to help you grow your business using proven, simple and sustainable business practices.


BS Free Service Business Mastermind Black

This mastermind is NOT a course or a program. You've done enough of that BS.

You've got an established business, and what you really need now is an experience designed to teach you the tools, support you as you implement, and guide you along the way. 


<All without the filler or fluff.
When you work with me, it’s all about taking action.>


As you grow your business, the key is building on your existing foundation. This mastermind is designed to help you refine what you're already doing with support from both me and a group of your peers.


Hey Boss, I'm Maggie

And service-based businesses are my business

Not even kidding. I’ve spent the last 20 years working with clients and have been a successful service business owner for the last 15 years.

Today, I run Scoop Studios, a boutique content marketing agency that works with small to mid-sized businesses. I didn’t just work with clients for a year or two and then decide I can teach you how to do it. By choice, I work with clients every single day, so I know exactly what you’re dealing with as a service business owner.


Still not convinced? Over the last five years, I’ve gone from a freelancer who charged the same hourly rate for eight years in a row to owning a successful content marketing agency working with corporate clients and running Small Business Boss.

(And yes, this would be where most people would drop a bold revenue claim, but that's not my style. Trust me when I say, I make bank and more importantly, my business is highly profitable.)

The BS-Free Service Business mastermind is about giving you the support and systems you need to grow your client-based business, and build a foundation for a business that will last for five, 10 or even more years in the future.


“I joined the mastermind as I wanted to be part of a group of people working on their businesses. Maggie has a no-nonsense approach that helps you build your business in a grounded and practical way. Best of all, she’s all about doing what works for you and providing guidance based on your specific situation. I loved the intimacy of the group and the live group calls.

Since I participated in the mastermind, my business has been financially growing at a steady pace and I’ve been serving clients in a deep way that I really love. If you're looking to really stay true to yourself in your business and want honest, straightforward strategies and support, then being part of this mastermind is so worth it!”

— Christina Ambubuyog,

Intuitive Strategist and Spiritual Teacher, I Love Intuition


This Mastermind Is Perfect for You If...

You’re Running a Services Business:






Professional Services

chatting women

If you're at the stage of your business where you've got clients, are making a steady income and you want to keep growing, then this is the place for you. 

Previous rounds have included leadership coaches, OBM and project managers, lawyers, a therapist, a content marketer, an animator/illustrator, a consultant to architecture firms, designer, marketing consultants and more.

Get 1:1 Support to Build Your Biz


I know from my personal experience with growing my business that there’s simply nothing more powerful than one-on-one support — especially the kind where you’re not a number and you have support from people deeply invested in your success.

That's at the heart of this Mastermind.

But before you go any further...


You Should Know:

I’m Not a Coach; I’m a Consultant.

Have you ever asked a question and had the response be: “What do you think you should do?” Frustrating, right? If you knew what to do, you’d wouldn't be asking the question in the first place.

I’ve spent my career as a consultant in professional environments where I’m expected to have the answers and get results. I’m not a coach who only knows how to run a coaching business or teach other people how to be coaches.

In short, I tell it like it is, and I don’t sugarcoat things.

 I’m actively running a services business. I’m in the trenches with you and working with clients, so I know what works and what doesn’t.

Unlike so many programs where the leader hasn’t worked with a client in ages or worked with clients for a hot minute and decided to teach you how to do it too.

Plus, I've been running masterminds for nearly five years and have helped transform the businesses and lives of other service business owners in the process. 



“I joined the mastermind to get the next-level support I needed to reach my goals, especially doubling my revenue. What impressed me with this mastermind experience was the personalized advice I received from both the one-on-one and group calls — knowing I could ask specific questions and get advice and solutions tailored to my exact situation was amazing.

Being in the mastermind helped me make great gains with both my confidence and mindset. It’s pushed me to challenge some of my own assumptions that were limiting my income potential and helped me make long overdue strategic decisions about areas of my business like service delivery and pricing. Thanks to her deep business knowledge, Maggie is able to provide advice that isn’t only customized and tactical, but also realistic — without flashy or ineffective distractions. I’m on track to not only achieve but actually exceed my goal of doubling my revenue this year, even without booking any new projects.”

— Marlene Oliveira,

Communications Advisor and Copywriter, moflow

What Does Your Mastermind
Experience Include?

The Fall 2020 Mastermind will start on October 1, 2020.

virtual call

Kickoff Event

The first thing we’ll do is have a two-hour kickoff retreat to step out of the every day and get clear on what you need from your mastermind experience. As a group, we'll set our plan for the next three months while diving into your vision for 2021 and beyond.


2021 Power Planning Session

As we approach the end of 2020, you'll be looking ahead to a new year. In December, we'll have a half-day Power Planning session to set goals, make big plans and map out a vision for the future. Mastermind virtual retreats are always a great way to step out of your business and get a fresh perspective. 


Just-in-Time Trainings

Let's be real, 2020 has been unpredictable and the last thing you need is training that wastes your time. During our time together in the mastermind, we'll have three just-in-time trainings designed to meet the specific needs of the group. My goal is to deliver relevant, timely training to meet your actual business needs. Topics may include (but not be limited to): pricing, sales strategy, proposals, client experience, strategies for scaling, money management, and hiring. 


Monthly Hot Seats

Each month, we'll have a monthly group coaching call with mastermind style “hot seats” to focus on your specific challenges and come up with a winning way forward. (This is always a mastermind favorite as you get unstuck and into action!)


Mastermind-Only Facebook Group

A big part of the mastermind is collaborating with other business owners in a small, intimate setting. This mastermind-only group is the perfect place to bring your challenges for feedback and get cheered on as you make strides in your business. I’m in this group daily to support you and help you with whatever you need to grow.


Plus, you’ll get even more of my brain on your biz:


Four 1:1 Calls

After your goals are set then you’ll get four 30-minute 1:1 calls with me where you'll receive personalized feedback on what's going on in your business. You set the agenda, and we’ll make magic happen in a matter of minutes. 

Ongoing 1-1 Feedback

Ongoing 1:1 Feedback 

I’m here to help you, which means I’m accessible to you via my project management system, Basecamp. You can share documents, ask questions, think out loud and get direct access to me. No need to go it alone or stay stuck when I’m just a few clicks away.

Mastermind Bonus

Small Business Boss Society Library

$500 Value


The Small Business Boss Society is a resource library designed for services business owners. When you join this Mastermind, you get membership to the Society which includes a full library of on-demand trainings on finding, booking and serving clients.

Your Success Shouldn't Rely on You Having to Break the Bank or Max Out Your Credit Card

The BS-Free Service Business Mastermind is not THAT kind of mastermind. You know, the kind that takes a huge monthly payment and leaves you much worst off than when you started.

Seriously. You don’t need a $25k mastermind that costs between 10% and 25% (or more) of your total revenue for you to get ahead.

Paying more and being fancy doesn’t have anything to do with success.


I do this work as I'm on a mission to help other service business owners escape from the BS that's so pervasive in the online business world so they can build a thriving business. I want you to have a place where you don’t have to feel weird about the fact you work with clients or having to explain that there’s more to life than passive income pina colada dreams. (Because building a dream biz that doesn’t make bank isn’t an option, and your business isn’t a hobby.)


Pay in Full

  • One-Time Payment of $2400


  • Six payments of $400 per month

The Fall 2020 Mastermind starts October 1, 2020 and runs through March 31, 2021.

Want to chat to make sure this is the right mastermind for you?
Book a call with me to get all of your questions answered.


"Maggie's mastermind came highly recommended by one of my business friends, and it has delivered, real, practical advice to grow my business. This experience has helped me recognize my true business value aside from all the rah-rah stuff and helped me build and grow a strong flow of new leads into my business.

After a retreat, I had a new focus and more than doubled my monthly revenue. Maggie rocks because she’s been there and that makes all the difference. She gives you guidance from a place of having done it herself, and she tells it like it is. Plus, the community is full of caring, wonderful people who bring positivity and support into my business. They share what they’re going through too, and I don’t feel alone!”

— Chrissie Wywrot,

Marketing & LinkedIn Specialist



Sign up now for $400 a month

Pay in Full

  • One-Time Payment of $2400


  • Six payments of $400 per month

The Fall 2020 Mastermind starts October 1, 2020 and runs through March 31, 2021.

Want to chat to make sure this is the right mastermind for you?
Book a call with me to get all of your questions answered.


I joined the mastermind to continue the journey of working on my business — not in it. I wanted to surround myself with people like me, but at the same time, not like me to learn from and push me. I’ve doubled my business revenue and personal take home while only working a couple of hours more per week. I’ve been able to serve more clients and grow my team.

It feels amazing to be working to live the life I wanted as I never thought it would be possible to be fulfilled professionally, financially, and personally. Plus, this experience has helped me feel like a “real” business owner and built my confidence as a boss.”

— Crystal Butler,

Owner, Crystal Marketing Solutions