Are you a service business owner who's tired of all the BS of the online business world?



I'm talking about BS like:

That you can't scale a service business without a course or group program. And that passive income is THE answer.

The idea that says you can't grow your business without building your team or running an agency.

The cheap shots constantly taken at service business owners and acting like choosing a service business is some type of deficiency.

When you’re running a business based around clients, it’s easy to feel like you’re doing it wrong and that you should be creating passive income or developing a course so you’re able to scale.


That, my friends, is a load of BS. Instead, we’re going to work together to help you grow your business using proven, simple and sustainable business practices.


BS Free Service Business Mastermind Black

This mastermind is NOT a course or a program. You've done enough of that BS.

You've got an established business, and what you really need now is an experience designed to teach you the tools, support you as you implement, and guide you along the way. 


<All without the filler or fluff. When you work with me, it’s all about taking action.>

This Mastermind is Currently Closed for Registration.
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