The status quo of online business using fear, shame and manipulation to make bank is pure poison.

The antidte is trust.

In the simplest terms: trust is “someone or something you have confidence in". 

That's exactly what you want people to have in you and your business.

Taking a trust-first approach is a proven, BS-free way to build a simple and sustainable
service business. 

What is

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TrustDNA is the method for building a trust-first business. 

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While this is a method, it isn’t a cookie-cutter solution. It’s a starting point for focusing on trust in your business. It's a way to bake it into everything you do with your marketing, sales, and service.

Breaking Free

From the Status Quo of Online Business

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Watch this on-demand training which walks through the problems with the current state of online business and shows you how to break-free using trust.

This action packed free training will change how you think about online business and how you market and sell your offers.

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The Antidote to Fear-Based Marketing-Introducing TrustDNA
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If you’re ready to set the online business rule book on fire, then TrustDNA, The Lab is right for you.

TrustDNA, The Lab is a mastermind designed to give you the tools you need to deprogram yourself from the status quo of online business.

It teaches you how to build a better business — one that's simple, sustainable and 100% you.

Best of all, this isn't the same old cookie cutter bullshit you're being sold day in and day out.

The Lab is different because it's about creating a space for you to challenge convention and think critically about what's best for your business, then put it into action.

Because here's the thing. You didn't start a business to let Celebrity Entrepreneurs and a bunch of #bossbabes on Instagram mess with your head, let alone waste your time and money.