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You started a business to do things your way, but…

You look at the way things are done in online business and the typical manipulative marketing and sales strategies make your skin crawl. Things like hidden pricing and income claim marketing just don't sit right with you.
Some days you wonder if you have to sell out and succumb to using bro (or babe) marketing in order to reach your
business goals.
Most of all, you’re totally sick of the status quo of fear and toxic tactics in online business and you want no part of it.
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Here’s what the celebrity entrepreneur coaches and course creators shilling their get rich quick solutions and don’t want you to know...

The tactics and strategies they teach don't build trust with your potential clients. 

Instead, they break trust with clients at every turn.  Sure, they may work in the short term, but starting a relationship with a new client by tricking them into trusting you? That's hard to come back from.

 What you really need is trust with your community and your clients, but the majority of what's out there in the online business realm is rooted in FEAR.
In Marketing

It's the fear of not being good enough, so we're taught to exaggerate and embellish our expertise and tell stories in a way that's dramatic and downright reckless.

In Sales

It's the fear of not making enough, so we’re encouraged to use soulless, high pressure sales tactics to shame and strong arm people into saying yes.

In Service

It's the fear of being found out or screwing up, so we’re conditioned to blame our paying clients and shift the responsibility for their results wholly to them.

There's no denying this fear-based approach works. But in my book (and probably yours) it comes at too high a cost.

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It holds you back from doing the marketing, sales, and service you could be doing.

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It traps you into using tactics that don’t actually move your business ahead and waste your precious time.

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And it keeps you from showing up in a way that wows your potential and paid customers.

There S nther wy.

trust is the antidote to fear


TrustDNA-The Lab Reverse

TrustDNA, The Lab is a mastermind designed to give you the tools you need to deprogram yourself from the status quo of online business.

It teaches you how to build a better business — one that's simple, sustainable and 100% you.

It’s time to set the online business rulebook on fire.

Using my TrustDNA Method, you'll have a way to ensure that trust is the driving force in everything you do. This isn't the same old cookie cutter bullshit you're being sold day in and day out.

TrustDNA gives you trail markers for the trailblazer you're meant to be.

The Lab is different because it's about creating a space for you to challenge convention and think critically about what's best for your business, then put it into action.

Because here's the thing. You didn't start a business to let Celebrity Entrepreneurs and a bunch of #bossbabes on Instagram mess with your head, let alone waste your time and money.

This is a fit for you if you run a business working with other entrepreneurs or B2B clients




Course Creator


Professional Services

Most Importantly: 

You're over the bullshit of online business, and you're looking for a fresh way to running your business. 

As a group, we'll take what's working in your business, and then layer in a trust-driven approach to take things up a notch.

What Exactly is

TrustDNA Wordmark w Background

Excellent question.

TrustDNA is a method for building a trust-driven approach to your business, and the five trust cores will help guide you to figuring out the right approach for you.

While this is a method, it isn’t a cookie cutter solution. It’s a starting point for focusing on trust in your business, and The Lab is where we put it all into action.

trust DNA framework

What's Included in

The Lab

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Every other month we'll gather to explore a timely topic in an interactive workshop. Currently planned topics include:

  • Sleaze Free Sales Systems: How to Sell Your Stuff Without the Online Business BS
  • Rethinking Time Management: Breaking Free From Toxic Productivity

Additional topics will be added based on the stated needs of the group. With each workshop, you'll get a workbook and other resources to help you put each training into action in your business. Plus, we'll be right with you as you implement!

Monthly Hot Seats

Group coaching time! You bring your question, and in a rapid fire format, as a group we'll weigh in on your challenge to help you get unstuck. Plus, you'll learn from your peers by helping them work through their questions.

Weekly Coffee & Connect

Every Monday at 2 pm ET check-in on what's up for the week, set priorities and more. Sara will gather with you on Zoom to connect and catch up. (She's the reason I'm so focused in my work!)

Slack Community

Our community hub will be hosted on Slack so we can connect between calls. Got a question? An idea? A win? The Lab crew will be over in Slack ready to connect with you. Both Sara and I will be active on Slack Monday to Thursday each week.

My Brain on Your Biz: Voxer Support

You'll get real-time, specific feedback on your burning business questions through ongoing Voxer support.

Content Coaching

As part of the Lab you’ll have access to ongoing content coaching and support. Get feedback from our in-house content experts on everything from blog and social media posts to sales pages and marketing emails.

Every Tuesday, you can submit your content for review in Slack and we’ll create a Loom video providing you feedback and suggestions.

Quarterly Content Co-Working

You’ll also have access to quarterly content planning sessions which will be held the last month of each quarter. These 90-minute sessions will include a quick training on a content-related topic, time to work on your content calendar or content for the quarter and then we’ll have a 30 minute brainstorming and feedback session to get things into action.

Note: All live sessions will be hosted on Zoom, and close captioning will be available using Zoom's live captioning feature. All sessions will be recorded, and after each training, both the recording and transcript will be available on Teachable.

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The Lab is Designed for Your Life

Let's talk facts. Life and business can be complicated, and as we head into 2022, we 100% understand that being "live" on calls doesn't work for everyone.


We've designed The Lab to work with your life, needs, and schedule. If you can attend workshops or hot seats live, we'll see you there.

And if you're not there live you can still get just as much value by submitting questions for sessions in Slack, listening to the private podcast, and Voxer access.

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Hey, I'm Maggie. 

You may know me for my ongoing work calling out the neverending BS of online business. 

Over the last year, it's become apparent that the status quo of online business is broken AF.  But since I've shown up in this world in 2013, I've been asking questions and challenging it.

For the past 20 years, I've worked in a consulting role so I get paid to ask the right questions and to have the answers. This means people need to trust me implicitly. Trust is at the very heart of everything, I’ve done in my career working with everyone from the world's big brands to brand new business owners.

So when I rolled up into this world as an already successful business owner (2021 is year 16!) I quickly saw through all of it.

For the past five years, I’ve been mentoring business owners in masterminds and 1:1s, so I have a deep level of insight and intelligence into what’s working and what’s not.

Plus, my professional background is in communications including PR, storytelling, and copywriting, which gives me a unique viewpoint on the current state of online business.

Through Small Business Boss, I'm actively committed to advocating for more humane practices in online business and am doing my own work to ensure my business is anti-racist while embracing intersectional feminism and equity. I'm a work in progress, and always learning, which means I'm also committed to doing better and owning it when I mess up.

You can read more on our values at Small Business Boss and our community commitments here.


Why The Lab? 


“I joined The Lab because I knew that in order to continue to grow my business I would need to do more marketing but I was sick of the dark patterns, tricks, and bait and switch we’re told to use.

What makes this group different is that Maggie and Sara are so present and available, whether it’s answering questions, letting me vent, or providing me with advice and direction. Members are encouraged to interact with each other in a real way — the support isn’t just from the people leading the group, it’s from everyone.

Since being in The Lab, I’ve gotten a lot clearer on how my business functions, how I function, and how to market in a way that feels genuine and matches my personality. I’ve brought on new clients and I'm no longer nervous explaining prices or my process because I’m confident that the way I’m running my business aligns with who I am and what I believe in.”

- Angela Reeder, Owner, Technical Geekery

“Maggie's values are so aligned with mine and I knew I wanted to learn from someone who had the EXACT same outlook into online business as I do, as that's so rare to find. I love chatting with Maggie via Voxer and Slack.

She’s right there with me as I'm navigating growing pains in my business. I'm never having to explain myself or justify anything. Maggie just gets it. She knows me and my business really well and always has the best advice. With Maggie, I've not only got a magical mentor but I've found a really great business friend.”

- Zoe Linda, Referral Marketing Wizard


“I was looking for a community of people who weren't involved in the tricks of online business and marketing and to have a place to explore new ideas. Having worked with Maggie before, I knew that she’s not just teaching a thing, she’s doing all the things she’s teaching so it comes from a place of real experience.

Since joining The Lab, I’ve gotten clearer with my message and I’ve implemented better processes around time tracking and capacity planning, which has paid off threefold for our team. Plus, I launched a new leveraged revenue stream without any sleazy marketing tactics and it's working wonders.

The Lab gives me a safe space to stay accountable and grow my business. It’s helped me remember what I really want for myself and my business, with Maggie and Sara keeping me on track. They answer my questions and don’t hesitate to remind me of what I’ve said my goals are. That’s been powerful for me!”

- Sonaya Williams, New Revenue Strategist, The CEO Partner

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PLEASE NOTE: This Isn’t the Maggie Show

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My role is to bring an amazing group of people together and act as your guide and facilitator. One of my superpowers is bringing together amazing groups of people who can support each other through the ups and downs of building a business.

In The Lab, you'll build new relationships, learn from one another, and help each other along the way.


Meet Sara,
Community Director 

My right hand at Small Business Boss, Sara, will be working alongside me to support you in The Lab.

In addition to her role at Small Business Boss, she's the Client Services Director at my content marketing agency, Scoop Studios, so she knows what your customers wish you knew and the ins and outs of the operations side of your business.

Before Scoop, Sara spent 15+ years in marketing, training, and operations roles in the corporate world with well-known financial services and telecommunications brands.


Meet Monica,
Content Coach

If you need help getting your content strategy mapped out or you’re looking for feedback on your content, you’ve found it! Monica has been part of the Small Business Boss community since 2017, is on the content team at Scoop Studios and has been working behind the scenes in the online business world for over a decade.

She has a gift for nailing brand voice and can help you find yours too. With her support, you’ll feel confident creating content that cultivates the "know, like and trust" factor in your marketing.

Before starting her business, Monica had a career in academia doing research in social movements and teaching communication and marketing, and prior to that a stint in corporate management.

Guest Experts

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Have you ever heard the saying "if you're an expert on everything, you're an expert on nothing"? One of my commitments to myself is to stay in my own damn lane and not be an expert on everything.

That's why throughout the year, we'll have a series of guest experts teaching on a wide variety of topics that will help you build a better business. These sessions will be held every other month.

Each of our guest experts has been handpicked based on their subject matter expertise and proven track record. In short, I trust them implicitly, and can’t wait to share them with you.

Here are our guest teachers for Winter/Spring 2022:

Nechelle Bartley,

Real Deal Money Goals


Shulamit Ber Levtov,

Your Mental Health Plan


Mai-kee Tsang

Sustainable Visibility®


Get on the wait list 

TrustDNA-The Lab Reverse

The Lab is $300 per month
for 12 months.

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Once you're on the waitlist you'll be the first to know when we're accepting new members later this year.

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This is the point on a sales page where a celebrity entrepreneur would tell you all about the stack of bonuses you get with the program and how it’s worth $87k.

When you join TrustDNA, the Lab, I’m giving you access to three of my courses as they’ll support you during our time together. These aren’t fluff courses haphazardly thrown in to get you to buy, but things you actually will use.

Bonus Value: I don’t know and let’s not waste time playing the bonus game.

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Course Client Alchemy

Client Alchemy

Client Alchemy gives you proven and practical lessons for finding clients at any stage in your business. Best of all, it’s built around being of service and nurturing relationships — not soulless spray and pray strategies.

Course Stellar Sales-1

Stellar Sales

To sell your services you need to get your packages, proposals and pricing handled. This actionable set of workshops: Purposeful Packages, Pitch Perfect Proposals and Profitable Pricing, as well as Consults and Closing to Book More Clients, will give you everything you need to sell without stress or sleaze.

Course Supercharged Success-1

Supercharged Success

This is a planning system designed specifically for service-based business owners, because when you work with clients, how you manage your time is different. It’ll help you plan on a quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis so you’re focused on what matters most to you in your work, and in your life.

Each course includes video lessons with transcripts and an accompanying workbook.

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TrustDNA-The Lab Reverse

The Lab is $300 per month
for 12 months.

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Excellent, we're 100% here for them. In fact, PLEASE ask questions as it means you’re doing your homework before you buy.

TrustDNA-The Lab Reverse

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