It’s Time to Say NO

Starting This November




Welcome to #sayNOvember

When you start a business, you do it for a lot of reasons - especially your freedom. But if you spend a hot minute in the online world it’s easy to find yourself sucked in and swallowed whole


Your freedom gets lost along the way as you:

Borrow other people’s dreams.

Define success in six (or seven) figures.

Make things WAY more complicated than they need to be.

Spend recklessly for fear of missing something.

Hustle until it hurts and your boundaries are broken.


This November, we invite you to say NO. To get back to why you started your business in the first place. 

Freedom first. Boundaries up. Putting YOU back in your business - online unicorns, glitter and heart hands be damned. (Or not if you dig that type of thing, we don't judge.)

You in? Join us. Say NO, starting now.

Here's How #sayNOvember Will Go Down

All November long we’ll be sharing some specific ways you can choose to
say NO and get back to doing business your way. (You know, the reason you started this thing in the first place.) 

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#SayNOvember Real Talk Week

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Here's What You're NOT Gonna Get With #sayNOvember 

The need to opt-in so we have your email. Join our list, don’t join our list. Do what works for you, because we’re all about the NO.

Sneaky, dudebro pressure tactics pushing you to spend money to save/scale/supercharge your business. Or an offer at all. Period.

Guilt. Shame. Stress. We’ve all got enough of that #amiright? Put that shit onboard that little rocketship above and send it to outer space.

Your NOvember Hosts

Hey, we’re Brittany and Maggie from Small Business Boss & Scoop Industries.

And here's our #realtalk confession: 

We've both been in this online game for more than five years. And we're tired AF.

And not tired in the ‘I totally need a nap’ kind of way. We’re weary. And quite frankly, we’re fed up with the online status quo.

Why? The answer is simple. 

It’s crap. Unbridled BS. Predatory marketing that makes a select few richer selling hope and pixie dust. We're O-V-E-R it, and we're sure you are too.

The truth? If you’re gonna thrive (and survive), you’re going to need to figure out how to do it exactly your way. No course, system or fancy pants funnel can do that for you.

That’s where #sayNOvember comes in. 


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Making Your NO a Priority


While NO is a complete sentence, as bosses the person we have the hardest time saying NO to is  — wait for it — ourselves. Why? Typically, we get trapped in a swirling vortex of self-talk, comparison and not feeling like we’re good enough and then everything gets real messy, real quick.


This November, you're going to change that for good.



 Let's do this. November 2017. Get your NO ready.

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