Prove It 

Get Your Testimonials Handled 

You know there’s nothing more compelling than your happy clients and customers sharing their experiences. 

It’s the missing piece of your marketing, and truthfully, for some reason, it keeps ending up last on your list. Maybe you don’t want to ask, or you don’t know how to even ask.


It doesn’t matter why, you just need to get this done.

The Small Business Boss team to the rescue.

Let us get your testimonials handled so you can prove to your

potential clients just how awesome you are.

Want to Grow Your Business?
Then you need testimonials. Period.

Talk is cheap. Anyone can talk about what they can do, but a true
professional proves they do what they say they can do.


Testimonials let you have your existing clients do the talking for you. In their own words, they can share what it’s like to work with you and more importantly, the impact you’ve had on their life or business.

Nothing is more compelling than the story of another customer’s success. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not even a big ol’ discount.



The Prove It Process


When you choose us to handle your testimonials, you get a proven system for creating outstanding testimonials and a team of experienced professionals taking care of the details.

Here's our step-by-step process:


Step #1: The Detailed Deep Dive
You give us the green light, and we get down to business. We take care of the details, so you don’t have to! We get the ball rolling by learning more about your business via a short questionnaire and preparing everything needed to get started. (Seriously, we won’t bore you with the details, because, hello, you’ve got other shit to do!)


Step #2: The ‘Let’s Get this Party Started’ Invitation
Now, it’s time to get this testimonial party started. We provide you with a customized introduction email for you to send to up to 10 of your clients to ask for a testimonial. When they reply, we take it from there. We’ll send them your customized testimonial questionnaire to get the info needed for some seriously rockin’ testimonials. And if follow-up is needed with your clients we’ll take care of that too.


Step #3: Holy Crap ‘I Freakin’ Rock’ Testimonial Creation
Once your clients provide their responses, we work our magic to craft their replies into testimonials. When we’re done you’ll have testimonials that prove that you totally freakin’ rock and more importantly, help you get more clients and make more money. Once your testimonials are completed, you’ll get a final document full of raves and reviews for you and your services.


You’ve got testimonials handled and are ready to prove it.

(All without breaking a sweat!)


Couldn’t I Do This Myself?

Yep, you sure could. But we’re willing to bet if you’re reading this that you’ve been avoiding it.

Boss, it’s time to get your testimonials handled.

When you work with us, you’re working with a team that handles customer stories and testimonials all day long. Plus, we know how to get compelling testimonials while making the process painless for you and your customers. (Totally winning, right?)

Content marketing is our business, so when we craft your testimonials we’re focused on not just telling a story, but how you can use that testimonial to sell your services.

It's Time to Prove It
Get Started Now

The intro price for the Prove It package is $500 USD for up to 10 testimonials and typically takes three to four weeks to complete.

sandra prove it

"I needed help to gather high quality testimonials from my clients and I trusted the Small Business Boss team to do it professionally and  not waste my clients' time. The process was painless, and the team really understood my market and business goals. Now, I have amazing testimonials I can use in all of my marketing strategies including on my website, in proposals, on LinkedIn and more. I'm confident these testimonials will improve my lead generation efforts resulting in more clients and increased revenue."

-Sandra Tournemille,

Image Propellor Studios