Rate & Review the Small Business Boss Podcast 

Hey boss! Thanks for checking out the directions on how to rate and review the show! Step-by-step directions are below.  Thanks so much for listening! I appreciate your support.

Start by Subscribing to the Show 

How to Rate & Review

Follow these step-by-step directions to rate and review the Small Business Boss podcast now.

Using iTunes on Desktop 

Step One: 

Step Two: Go to the Ratings & Review Tab

ratings tab

Step Three: Click on the Write a Review button

write a review

Step Four: Rate the show and leave a review

write the review

Using the Apple Podcasts App

Step One: Open Up the Podcast app on your phone

podcast app

Step Two: Search for the Small Business Boss podcast 

Step Three: Under podcasts tap on our show image


Step Four: Tap on write a review and leave us a rating and review

mobile write a review new