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This building a business thing is

Much, Much Harder

than it looks

Yes, it’s totally amazing. But it’s not all million dollar businesses and rolling around in $dolla dolla$ bills. That’s NOT reality for most business owners — yet that’s what we’re being sold day in, day out.

Here’s what running your business really looks like:

You rock at what you do, but you never learned “all the things you never needed to know about running a business” or “how to find clients that don’t suck.”


You want to build a foundation for lasting success and not work yourself into the ground to get there. And you’re not even really sure how to do that.


Plus, you’re distracted by the latest and greatest course with big promises, or you’re constantly stuck working for your clients and never working ON your business.


Most of all, you’re tired of doing this on your own. (Like "need a month-long nap" tired!) You need a place to talk shop with other business owners who get it. Everywhere you go, you’re surrounded by business owners chasing unicorn dreams, and you’re O-V-E-R it. You want to talk to people doing real work.

When you’re running a business based around clients, it’s easy to feel like you’re doing it wrong and that you should be creating passive income or a course.


After all, isn’t that the dream? To be on the beach sipping pina coladas while you listen to the sound of payment notifications rollin’ in? Cha-ching! Cha-ching!

Screw the dream. Let’s get real.


A place for small business bosses to make IT happen. (It being whatever you want it to be…from making more cash to taking more time off or making your vision board a reality.)


First things first: this is not a program. I repeat, this is NOT a program. It’s an experience.


The Small Business Boss Society is a community and membership designed to help you connect and create the future of your services business. If you run a services business working with clients, you’re in the right place.

It’s All About the Clients

You have a business built on working with clients. You get paid by doing work for your clients and services are the backbone of your business. And you’re committed to working with clients as a way to build a solid, sustainable foundation — to double your business and beyond.


Small Business Boss Society is 100% focused on services-based businesses, and was created by a service business owner with 20+ years of experiencing working with clients.


Hey There, I'm Maggie

Services Businesses Are My Business

Not even kidding. I’ve spent the last 20 years working with clients and have been a successful service business owner for the last 13 years.


Today, I run Scoop Studios, a boutique content marketing agency that works with small to mid-sized businesses. I didn’t just work with clients for a year or two and then decide I can teach you how to do it. By choice, I work with clients every single day, so I know exactly what you’re dealing with as a service-business owner.


The Society Is Perfect for You If...

You're Running a Services Business:






Professional Services

Or any other business where you rely on

clients and providing services to get paid.

The Society is Currently Closed for Registration

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