I use a lot of tools and tech to run my business and to help other #smallbusinessbosses run theirs.

Here are my top recommendations

Systems & Workflows

Proposify for Client Proposals

We love Proposify for our client proposals and they have templates to help you up your proposal game. Plus, when you use our link you'll get two free months!

Systems Saved Me Workflow Templates

Put down the post-it notes and get these done-for-you workflows from the Systems Saved Me team. Get workflows for Dubsado, Clickup, Asana, Podcast Management and more.

AirTable for Bosses

Love AirTable but need a little help getting started? Or want to learn how to really make the most of it? Check out this quick and easy training from Miss GSD.


Team Small Business Boss relies heavily on AirTable as our homebase for content, systems, documentation and more.

Project Management

Basecamp 2

My business and pretty much my life run on Basecamp. If you work with clients, this tool helps you keep everything organized, limit what they can see and makes you look like a total pro.


Believe me, I've used pretty much all the project management systems around over the years. And when it comes to the free ones, Trello is my top pick as it's visual and super easy to use.

Email Marketing


If there's a Leadpages fan club, I'm the president! This landing page program lets you create landing pages using a wide variety of templates in seconds flat.

PopUp Ally

If you think popups are obnoxious. We hear you. Which is why we love PopUp Ally as it's designed to be a "polite" popup. PopUp Ally is perfect not only for popups but end of blog post email sign up boxes and more.


ACK! You've outgrown MailChimp, but you know Infusionsoft is overkill. Enter ConvertKit. You can send email, create landing pages and create super-smart funnels with this email service provider. Perfect for bloggers and online businesses.



Membership site, check. But how on earth are you getting it to talk to your email marketing platform and save you from all kinds of annoying and ridiculous manual processes? AccessAlly integrates with ConvertKit, Infusionsoft and more making it all a snap. (Use our link above and get your first month for just $7!).

WP Engine

Need hosting? We recommend WP Engine wholeheartedly for it's stability and great customer service. Your website needs to live somewhere so leave it to the pros at WP Engine.

All-in-One Tools


Love the idea of an all-in-one but don't love the price tag? Then you're going to love AND CO, because it's totally free.


Many, many bosses we work with love love love Dubsado. This tool offers a one-stop-shop for everything from proposals to invoices and contracts.


Neu Year Calendars

Planner nerds unite. I love seeing my whole year at-a-glance with these wall calendars.

Focus @ Will

Productivity supercharged! This music is specifically meant to tap into your brainwaves and make you more productive. And I believe it - totally works for me!

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The Truth, Because I Don't Pull Any Punches

I DO receive a commission on some of these products, and others I don't. That's not why I recommend them.

I signed up as affiliates of some of these products as I adore them and recommend them all the time, and would do so even if no money is was changing hands. Just so we're square on what's what!