You run a business and you’re amazing at what
you do as a freelancer, creative or consultant.

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But the reality of your business goes a little something like this:

You’re constantly struggling to find new clients.
You’re never 100% sure where the next client is coming from.

Things like drafting contracts, customizing proposals and ahem, negotiating suck the life out of you and leave you wanting to barf.

Marketing “stuff” feels like a crapshoot or a long-term thing you don’t have time for. You’ve got ALL THE THINGS to do, all of them today!

The truth is, you’re ready to get this party started so you can grow your business, but you feel like you’re missing something. (Or maybe even a lot of “somethings”, but you’re not entirely sure what comes next.)

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For you to step up, be the boss you are, make more money
AND have a life you actually enjoy.

(You know the stuff you had in mind when you started this business in the first place.)

That's what Small Business Boss is all about. It's your place for real talk, truth, and tactics on exactly how to make it happen.

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I'm Maggie, your tell-it-like-it-is biz BFF who only wants the best for you and your business. I specialize in sharing what it REALLY takes to grow your business. No fluff, no BS, because boss, you don't have time for that.

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