Your Guide to Building a

Bullshit Free Business 

Double Your Freelance Income

You work with clients as a freelancer or agency owner and you're amazing at what you do...

And you're ready for the next step as you build your business.

The only problem is, you're not entirely sure what that step is because there's so much internal and external BS in your way. 

Hey, I'm Maggie. and Small Business Boss® is where I share my adventures in being a service business owner.


My specialty is calling out and cutting through BS.

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As a former freelancer turned agency owner, I know exactly what it takes to make it when building a business offering services.

With Small Business Boss I share my lived experience in running a service business with a side order of BS-free strategies and tactics you can put to work to grow your business.

If you’re tired of the hype and promises of entrepreneurship, and want to build a simple AND sustainable service business, stick around.

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How to Be Successful with a Services Business

Strategies, tactics and most importantly, reality (not the fluffy make six figures online in six-minute claims) for you as a total B-O-S-S.  If you're tired of the way things are done online with outrageous promises and shady strategies, this blog is for you.