You work with clients as a creative, consultant or agency owner, and you’re committed to building a bs-free business that gets you paid.

SBB About Tired of the Lies

I’m talking about things like:

“You can’t scale a service business.”

“You'll burn out if you keep working with clients."

“The only way to make real money is with a course or program.”

I call BULLSHIT on all of it.

The truth?


Build a simple and sustainable service business by focusing on trust.

Do business in a way that’s ethical and where everyone wins.

Work with clients, be of service to them and still reach your big goals.

Let’s start a revolution in how we run our services businesses. Where we break-free from the bullshit of the online business industry and leave the world a better place in the process.

Are you with me? Let’s do this.
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SBB About BS-Free


SBB About Do Things Differently

We challenge the status quo including systems of oppression.

We don’t play the online business game at all costs.

We never use shame or manipulation to make bank.

We show the hell up for our clients.

We pull our peers up with us.

We pay our teams more than a living wage.

SBB About Put People First
SBB About Own It

We're thought leaders, experts and powerful AF.

We tell the truth, even when it’s hard or uncomfortable.

We do no harm, and when we screw up, we own it.

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Wh the Hell m I?

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I’m Maggie Patterson (she/her), and I’m a mentor to service-based business owners. Think of me as your big sister who tells it like it is, and takes nobody’s BS.
Here’s what you need to know about me:
About Page Icons Scoop

I own a content marketing agency, Scoop Studios,

meaning I still work with clients every damn day.

About Page Icons Consultant

I’m a consultant. Not a coach.

And I don’t own any couture dresses, and I’ve never had a photoshoot in Paris.

About Page Icons Canadian

I’m Canadian

and will throw down if you trash talk Montreal-style bagels, socialized medicine or Canadian literature. However, I could care less about hockey.

About Page Icons Enneagram 8

I’m an Enneagram 8,

a Libra and the Provocateur in the Fascinate Personality Test. (Translation: I got zero time for bullshit, in case that wasn’t clear.)

About Page Icons B2BE

I have experience with both B2B and what I call B2E (aka business-to-entrepreneur) businesses.

I’ve worked with coaches, big name internet marketers, corporate consultants, creatives of all kinds, lawyers, social media pros, VAs, OBMs and more over the last eight years.

Maggie By Numbers


years of experience


years of owning a business



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SBB About How Can I Help You

Right now, there’s one way to work with me, and get support as you grow your service business, and that’s via a mastermind.

And I’m not talking about THAT kind of mastermind where you’re paying an exorbitant sum of money to be in a room with the cool kids and it’s all about jetting off to exotic locations.

We do masterminds differently here at Small Business Boss.

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We bring together a group of amazing service-based business owners like you — creatives, consultants and agency owners — to create a space to collaborate and get support.

 I show the hell up for you in the process, and help you put trust first in everything you do.

Best of all, we make it a win for everyone, and there’s no ridiculous price tag attached.

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Learn more about our masterminds:

"The mastermind came highly recommended by one of my business friends, and it has delivered, real, practical advice to grow my business. This experience has helped me recognize my true business value aside from all the rah-rah stuff and helped me build and grow a strong flow of new leads into my business.

Maggie rocks because she’s been there and that makes all the difference. She gives you guidance from a place of having done it herself, and she tells it like it is. Plus, the mastermind community is full of caring, wonderful people who bring positivity and support into my business. They share what they’re going through too, and I don’t feel alone!”

— Chrissie Wywrot,
Marketing & LinkedIn Specialist

“When I started the mastermind, we were struggling to find balance and synergy. I just couldn’t figure out the best way to realistically scale or even if I wanted to. Through this experience, my confidence has grown tremendously. I went from not knowing whether I wanted to pursue a service-based business to hiring two part-time employees to help us sustain the growth we experienced this year.

While we did truly “double it” in 2018 with our revenue increasing by over 100%, I think the real benefit has been having tools, resources and support as we grew and continue to do so. Any freelancer, small service business owner, or agency director wanting to scale their business should join the mastermind. I don’t think it matters if you’re doing $30K a year or $200K a year, you can benefit from working directly with Maggie and having access to a great group of other business owners.”

— Angelica Suarez,
Owner, Cultiva + Co.

“Working as a solo entrepreneur is tough, and while I’ve had a six figure business for multiple years, I joined the mastermind as I wasn’t enjoying it. Thanks to the mastermind, I’m showing up better in my business. I’ve fired clients that aren’t a good fit, I’ve got better boundaries around critical functions like contracts and invoicing, and I’ve got whitespace.

This next phase in my growth will be healthy and sustainable, and I’ll be working with clients who get it. Even if you've already hit 6 or even multi-six figures, having the brass tacks and reality check and group support in the mastermind is powerful. You'll be surprised by the details you thought you knew, or had locked down, and discovery you can tweak ever so slightly and see positive change in your business and your life. Just fucking sign up already.”

— Sandra Halling,
Owner, Halling Enterprises

“I joined the mastermind to continue the journey of working on my business — not in it. I wanted to surround myself with people like me, but at the same time, not like me to learn from and push me. I’ve grown my business revenue and personal take home while only working a couple of hours more per week. I’ve been able to serve more clients and grow my team.

It feels amazing to be working to live the life I wanted as I never thought it would be possible to be fulfilled professionally, financially, and personally. Plus, this experience has helped me feel like a “real” business owner and built my confidence as a boss.”

— Crystal Butler,
Owner, Crystal Marketing Solutions

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